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When I was pregnant with Aiden, I found myself getting overwhelmed by all the question’s that come along with motherhood. I wanted to know reviews on products by mother’s themselves, I yearned for advice and guidance. When I asked, I was always answered with, “I don’t remember.” After having Jax, I had a bit more knowledge of doing things correctly, but there was a five year age difference and honestly…I didn’t remember much!!!

This time, I still faced unanswered questions, some mommy first’s. If you read Aiden’s birthing story, you will understand why. Thankfully, Jax was able to come home right away and I found myself confused on caring for a newborn straight from the hospital. I am the only one out of my small group of friends, that has children, so I couldn’t lean on anyone for guidance or advice.

I found online forums that I thought would help me, but as I sat back and read how mother’s were reacting towards one another if they didn’t agree on the subject, simply terrified me. I wasn’t there to get into a fight over breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Jax wasn’t sleeping and I was in the middle of teaching myself how to breastfeed, that’s stressful enough!

So I started to think, what can I do to create a more inviting atmosphere for expecting or new mother’s? Create my own blog of course! I can talk about my children, what I do mostly anyway, and I can invite other mother’s who are willing to share their thoughts, experiences, or stories in a positive way. Motherhood is beautiful. So I am starting the #mommymovement.

I have some wonderful blogger’s already producing great pieces for Thisnerdymom, you can find them on the Author’s page. Please do not hesitate to stop over to their websites (linked under their name) and support them as well!





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