Jaxton’s Birthing Story

I’ve been asked to share my birthing story by some of you ladies, so here you go.

Sir Jaxton was supposed to be scheduled to come on August 20, 2015 (39 weeks 4 days) via c-section but my Dr. had something spring up and couldn’t do the surgery. It was bitter sweet. On one hand I was sad because I couldn’t meet the tiny human that had been trying to fight his way out of me in the previous months. On the other hand , I was relieved because I could let him bake longer and know that he was still protected tucked away in my womb.


Flash forward 3 days later, August 23rd. Dr. scheduled us for 8 am so we had to show up at 7am for all the prep. They hooked me up to the machine where we can hear tiny humans heart beat and stuck the IV in my hand. *Ouch* The husband fell asleep in the daddy chair and I sat up in the hospital bed, staring at the circular wall clock hanging on the wall in front of me.


Time seemed to be frozen. Every footstep I heard, I thought would be my Dr. coming in to tell us it was time.


A nurse walked in and asked if every thing was alright.  Excitement was running through my nerves, I just wanted to hold my son. As I was about to say yes, a second nurse opened the door and wheeled in a baby. “Are ewe ready to meet our baby girl?”, she asked as she pulled up to the side of my bed. Clearly, the sound of my tiny human’s heart beat was being over looked. I remember saying “well, that was the easiest birth I’ve ever had!” She looked at me confused and realized I was still pregnant. Turns out the baby and mom had the same last name and she confused us. If she was up for grabs I would have taken her, but I pointed out that her mom was probably looking for her and it would be best if she found her.

If I was nervous before, I was terrified now. I asked the nurse with a mixture of fear and humor in my voice if they were going to do the same mistake. “No, your son is will be the only boy in the nursery,  eleven girls right now.” I couldn’t believe it! Not one boy? Great! The first 10 minutes of his life he will be surrounded by beautiful girls! I’m already in trouble!

We tried killing time by being goofy. I’m so in love with this man. Truly my best friend.


8:12 am – I spoke with the anesthesiologist who went over what the procedure was going to be like, what I was going to feel, what kind of music did I want etc. He was young and attractive and in about a half hour he will be seeing not only my bare butt, but my stomach hanging out. Joy. Why couldn’t he be an ugly old guy? I’m just saying. They owed me one by almost giving me the wrong baby!

8:25 am – it’s time!!!
8:45 am – I’m in the operating room. Young and attractive
anesthesiologist has already done his magic and my legs are now numb. It travels up into my chest cavity a bit. The last time I did my c, this actually have me a mini panic attack. But I’m a pro no (not at all). I know what to expect (I like to think). The husband walks in with the Dr. Time to roll.

It’s time. The butterfly feelings make my fingers tingle. It’s cold. My husband did next to me with a huge smile on his face. The white curtain goes up to hide my tiny humans entrance into the world. I’m ready. This is it. There’s no feeling but you can feel the tugging when the Dr. is working on you. By feeling the tugging I mean, your body moves but you can’t feel what she’s doing.

After a while (old scar tissue caused it to be longer) I hear her say, “uh oh”. What. Mom mode kicks in. Instant worrying. My first son came out with complications and had to stay in the NICU for a bit. (Another blog) My fear was coming to life. Something is wrong. I keep asking but she’s too focused. I asked the hot anesthesiologist and he peeked over. “The umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck.” I can hear my heart rate going up on the machine. I keep asking if he’s okay. I need him to be okay. He has to be okay. I’m holding my tears back.

The Dr. says he’s out. There’s no crying. Why isn’t there crying? I ask again if he’s okay. Then I hear it. His first cry. My instant reaction was to cry along with him. My baby is okay. Every single emotion we can feel hit me all at once.
I met my Jaxton at 9:27 am. He weighed 8lbs 10 oz. His height was 21 inches. I stared at him and told daddy not to let him out of his sight. They tend to give babies to the wrong people here! Haha!
This was my experience and I’m happily in love with our new addition. Each birthing story is different but it’s always worth telling. I love all three of my guys to the moon and back!

Collage 2016-03-08 10_27_04-1


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