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Supermarket Tantrum


I am bit late posting guys, my apologies. I’ve been planning a baptism and party for Jax and a birthday party for Aiden, so we have been busy. I really should have spaced the two out, but of course mommy didn’t think. I don’t know if I’m just attracted to all the added stress, but I find myself doing this quite often.

Here’s a quick recap for the past week before I touch upon my original subject. Last week was a big day in the Monroe house. Little Big lost his first tooth!!!


Honestly, I thought he would freak out because he does do that over things like this, but he didn’t. He stood in front of the mirror and said he was a big boy now! Can someone please explain to me where time is going?


Jax is “trying” to crawl. I know he can because I’ve seen him do it, but I think he’s trying to skip that step and go straight to walking. He loves playing in his bouncer and can be in there for quite some time. So, I know the strength in his neck and legs are great; I just think he wants things to be done on his own terms. Great, he’s only six months old and he’s already got “terms”. Wish me luck!


OK, so this past weekend, we went grocery shopping to pick up some last minute things for the house. The husband stayed home to help and clean up some, while I took the boys out. While we were at the supermarket, we encountered a father and his toddler doing some shopping as well. The little girl (around a year old) decided to strike up some babble talk with Aiden.

He loves talking to everyone, so he accepted her invitation and started talking to her. I smiled politely at the father and kept on walking to do some more shopping. Aiden quickly scurried after me while turning around making sure the little girl heard him saying good bye.

We must have been in the store for quite sometime when all of a sudden, I heard Aiden’s new friend screaming at the top of her lungs. Now, most of the people reading this are probably parents themselves and know the kind of screaming I’m talking about.

It’s the one where an unnatural noise comes out of their tiny little bodies and in between breaths it sounds as if they’re hyperventilating. It usually happens because they want something and you say no or because you took something away from them.

As I’m looking around, I can hear the comments people are saying. “He needs to take her out of the store.” “Great, just our luck, a screaming kid.” I ended up in the same isle as them and saw the father a couple feet away from the shopping cart where his daughter was seated. His fingers were rubbing his temples, while he contemplated on which cheese he was going to pick up.

The screaming got louder and it started to sound like she was going to throw up. I could see that he was starting to get embarrassed. He picked up a block of cheese, put it down, picked it up, then put it down again. He was starting to crack. He kept looking around to see who was staring his way. “We are going to see mommy soon, please stop!”

Aiden had been holding a prize that he had won at a local bounce house place that Friday night. I asked him if he would be willing to share it with his friend who was crying. “Okay, because she’s sad right, Mommy.”

My guy, he’s always willing to help out. I walked over and asked if it was ok for my son to share his gift with his daughter. He seemed relieved that someone was trying to help him. With his approval, I turned to Aiden and gave him the okay.

He handed over his toy and the little girl immediately stopped screaming and started to inspect her new gift. Her tantrum had ended and her father seemed relieved. He explained that his wife was feeling sick and that he took their daughter food shopping to give her a break.

After thanking us a million times, we said our good byes and went on our way. I didn’t go over because I was “annoyed” by her screaming. I went over because the father looked like he was about to have a melt down. Instead of judging them and commenting on how he is a horrible parent or how they should leave the store, I helped. He continued to do his shopping while she played with her new toy.

I’ve never had to deal with Aiden throwing tantrums in a store. He’s always been fairly good and still continues to be. I’m one proud mama after seeing him share and help console his new friend. He’s growing up into such an amazing little boy and I’m blessed to call him my son. He never once complained about having to share.


No one is a perfect parent. Many of us stride to be, but we can only do so much. There have been times where I’ve had mothers tell me I was doing something wrong because it wasn’t the way they did it. I raise my child the way I see fit and you raise yours the way you see fit. When I see another parent trying and asking for help, I am willingly going to help without judgement. The way my son acted that day showed me that I am doing a fine job and I’m happy with that!



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