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Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer Review


Hey loves, as promised I am putting up the review on the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Deluxe Bottle warmer – blue. I am also following this post with another review on the Phillips Avent Fast bottle warmer. I was going to do a post on both but didn’t want to lean towards one product more than the other.


*I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based soley on usage and information obtained on the internet*

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Deluxe Bottle Warmer:

Features / Pro’s:


    • Warms standard and wide neck Dr. Brown’s bottles as well as other brands. We have used Medela, Playtex (drop-ins), and of course Dr. Brown’s bottles. I did some research and Tommy Tippee or any bottle that has a wider base will NOT fit into the warmer. It is a tall cylinder shape.


    • It does come with a basket that can be used to heat baby food jars or can sterilize pacifiers. I throw the nipples with pacifiers in when needed.
    • There is a refillable water chamber located on the side that can last through a couple of feedings. There’s no hassle in having to keep refilling, as in other warmers.


  • LCD screen – I have found this to be helpful. Many warmers do not have a digital time to set, they usually a dial that you turn. You can set the time to any amount and also preset it if you want.
  • Audible alarm to let you know it’s ready – I have my warmer in the kitchen and my son’s room is on the far end of the hallway. I can hear the beeping when it’s done when i’m in his room. A very big plus for us. It doesn’t over heat and it shuts off automatically.

Now let’s get to the cons of this product shall we?

Personally, I haven’t experienced many of these myself while using the machine but there were enough of the same complaints over and over again to agree that this indeed may be a problem in some devices.

Complaints / Cons: 

  • Timer resets when unplugged. – I don’t really unplug mine to understand the frustration of this con. I have a designated space on my counter for Jax’s feeding stuff so it usually stays in one spot and is almost always plugged in. It does indeed reset, which can be a problem for someone who does have to unplug it all the time. It does not save any of the times you may have preset.
  • It takes too long to put in the amount of minutes you want. “Let’s say I am at three minutes and I have to get up to five, I have to push the up arrow 120 times” This was a complaint from a user on a review. You don’t have to push the button 120 times, you can just hold it down and it will automatically go up. Let go when you’ve reached your desired amount of minutes.
  • It breaks glass bottles and leaves hot spots inside the milk. – I haven’t used glass bottles so I wouldn’t know but it wouldn’t be fair to leave this complaint out for those who do.
  • It’s hard to clean and can leave an unpleasant odor of spoiled milk – it is extremely hard to clean. I used a bent brush to clean within the spots that are hard to reach but I have yet to experience any sour odor. This is one of the recurring complaints that I’ve seen so far.
  • There is mildew on the inside of the water chamber. – Again, I haven’t experienced any sort of mildew and trust me I check. Just because I haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. This seems to be another common problem with these warmers. I’ve had mine for about six months and haven’t noticed any thing. I guess it just depends on the individual warmer.

Overall, I like this warmer. If I had any of the complaints or con’s I would have returned the item, but I didn’t and I was able to enjoy it.
What do I like about this product? I’m grateful for the audible alarm to notify me that his bottle is ready. It seems like something small but when you are tired or in the middle of changing a diaper and you forget you made that bottle, it reminds you! Haha!
What do I dislike about this product? It is super hard to clean and becomes a pain in the butt for OCD moms like me.

In the end its a bottle warmer and it does just that, warms the bottle. Sometimes Jax is so hungry, I heat his milk in a pot on the stove! Do the good ole sprinkle on the wrist to see if the milk is hot just like my mom used to. As long as he eats, I don’t care how the milk gets warm. I hope you guys enjoyed my review!

Next post will be on the Phillips Avent Bottle Warmer. Stay tuned!



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