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Phillips Avent Fast Bottle Warmer Review

I’m late posting, I know! So much has been happening lately, but I will leave that for the next post. As promised, here is the review from the Phillips Avent fast bottle warmer. I received this item from a company to test out and do an honest review on, so here we go!



*I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based soley on usage and information obtained on the internet*

Features / Pros:



  • It averages around $35.00 at a few places I’ve looked. Online and in stores.

download (1).jpg

  • It can heat up 4 oz of milk in 3 minutes with no hot spots*
  • It can fit most baby bottles. Same bottles used from Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer! (previous post)
  • Can fit common sized baby food jars. When we do need baby food, (we make our own) we usually go with Gerber. The baby food comes in square plastic containers, so we didn’t use the food warmer too much. If you use brand’s such as Earth’s Best, you may be able to utilize the food warmer more! Anything with a circular jar will work.

images (1)

  • Convenient defrost setting that defrosts breast milk and baby food.


  • The small design makes it easy to fit on smaller spaces if need be. I gave this to my mom who watches Jax during the week while I’m at work. It’s small enough where it’s not a pain in the butt to take with you when on vacation or traveling.

*Let’s not forget that this is a very basic unit. *

Complaints / Cons:

  • The time the company estimated the milk to be warm within 3 minutes. That was completely off. Maybe it was my machine, but it certainly did not take 3 minutes. We keep our water out on his counter for the formula, so it’s room temperature when going in.
  • The heater does not turn off. There is no timer on this machine to stop the heating. You really have to time it yourself with a clock and remove the bottle before your milk gets to hot for baby. I learned that the hard way. Ever have a screaming infant who takes your mind off of the bottle and by the time you remember, it’s to hot so you now have to run it under cold water to try to cool it? Both mommy and Jax were not happy! This is one of the most common complaint’s I’ve seen on the internet about this warmer. I can see why!
  • You have to keep refilling the water chamber for every use.
  • I found it to take forever to heat up a bigger oz bottle. Jax is now up to around 7 oz of milk and he is not a very patient infant. (like his momma) This is the 2nd most common complaint I’ve come across. A lot of mommies were complaining that it takes a while to heat up 2 oz of milk! No thank you!

Personally, this brand of warmer isn’t my favorite. It has it’s pros and it has it’s cons. Sadly, the cons out weighed the pro’s with me. My mother has stopped using it, being the milk takes to long to warm up. She went straight to the stove again.

Aagin, it’s a very basic bottle warmer for a cheaper price. If it’s the price your after, my suggestion would be to create a registry at a store such as BabiesRUs or Target. Once your due date passes, you get a discount on whatever baby items were on your registry plus a coupon in the mail to help you save more money. We did that with Jax and used the coupon on top of the discount to get him a bouncer!

Hope this review helped you guys! Stay tuned for the next post!



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