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Infant Optrics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor – Review

This baby monitor is for anyone that needs reassurance of being able to hear and see their little ones while they are asleep, or if parents hear them awake, video monitors are a great way to check on their little ones without actually going into the room. I used this for both my babies until they were moved out of the crib. I purchased it for about $100 bucks off Amazon.


*I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based solely on usage and information obtained on the internet*

Features/ Pros:


  • It comes in two pieces and both can be plugged in. The camera part has grommets on the back so you can hang it on the wall above the baby’s crib. The camera itself is also adjustable. So you can pivot it at an angle if needed.
  • It has a volume. The monitor can be turned up or down depending on how loud you need it to be to hear your little one.


  • The monitor can be unplugged and it runs on its own rechargeable battery.
  • Its signal can read up to 800 feet. I would take the monitor in the back yard with me while my baby napped.


  • The set up basically doesn’t need instructions. You plug in both pieces and turn the camera on. Move the camera to see the baby and you’re all set.
  • It doesn’t use WIFI. For those parents not wanting a WIFI signal in their baby’s room but wanting a video monitor.


  • Can lose signal at the drop of a hat. Sometimes the thing just loses signal and starts beeping at you. It has 4 channels so sometimes you have to reset it on the correct channel to see anything on the monitor.
  • When fully charged it will only work off its battery for a few hours, tops.


  • The pairing button can be confused with the power button. So if we lost signal I would have to quietly go in the baby’s room to rest and sometimes I would turn it off instead of syncing it.

Final thoughts: I like the monitor because it’s simple to use. You don’t need to have a degree in technology to set it up. It’s about the same price as other baby monitors too. All in all I would recommend this baby monitor to any new parent seeking one. Of course nothing is better than watching your beautiful baby sleep through the night then with your own eyes.



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