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Baby BJORN Baby Carrier – Review

BabyBJORN Baby Carrier – Orignal


Before one of Aiden’s baseball games, we ran into a local Babies R Us to try and find a baby carrier that would work for Jaxton and I. With being naturally heavy on top and having had two c-sections, it’s difficult to find one that won’t kill my back. We have purchased multiple slings and carriers and I have had problems with a majority of them. I was now going to be standing at a lot more games and was not interested in pushing around a bulky stroller. This is my personal review on the carrier. Item priced from $50.00 – $80.00


*I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based soley on usage and information obtained on the interent. *

Features / Pros:

  • Great for newborns


  • Easy to use: I find it easy to put on and slip Jaxton in. I don’t need help putting him in or taking him out.
  • Provides support for your babie’s head and neck: It provides excellent support for your baby’s back and head, and guarantees that his/her legs and arms are in a physiologically correct position.


  • Baby can face out or against chest: I wanted something where Jaxton could look out comfortably or sleep against my chest when need be.
  • Adjustable and wide straps: I really wanted something with wide straps so I wasn’t putting all the pressure on certain parts of my shoulder’s or back. This had it!

Complaint’s / Con’s

  • It can only be worn on the front: Some carriers can be worn on the front, side, and back.
  • Backache: There were some mother’s who complained that the carrier gave them backache’s.
  • The fabric is it a bit bulky.
  • “The legs are left to dangle stright down (see above), which does not promote proper hip development. in indigenous cultures the baby is worn with his legs spread or froggy-style, with belly contact against the wearer’s body. this position allows the hip balls to properly connect to the socket. this also allows for baby’s weight to be distributed across the entire bottom & thighs.” – Amazon user review.
  • It hasn’t been linked, but a few mother’s have said they are scared of their child developing hip dysplasia. – the most recurring complaint found online.

My overall experience with the product:

I am happy I made this impulse buy. The straps are wide enough that it does not cause me back pain (even though that was a complaint with some mother’s). It’s actually very comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Jaxton doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable and I tend to have him in a froggy position when we are sitting down. I do find the fabric to be a bit bulky, but in a sense it’s an extra layer of warmth for him. A lot of Aiden’s games are played by the water and I have a blanket over Jaxton regardless. It is something I would recommend to a friend if need be.






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