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Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System Review

Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System Review

This projector/sound system is an absolute must have for my daughters bedtime routine! We have used it from when she was only a few weeks old and still use it at 16 months. It provides a variety of soothing background noise with a soft glow night light and projector that helps create a soothing atmosphere for your little one to sleep while drowning out noises that may disrupt their sleep. I purchased mine on Amazon for $34.99. I have seen it also at big box stores such as Target, Walmart and Babies R’ Us for around the same price.


* I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based solely on usage and information on the internet *



  • Features 4 soothing sounds including heartbeat, ocean, white noise and rain (my daughters favorite!) as well as 3 lullabies and 3 Mozart songs. I like that there is a variety of sounds, this is the only sound machine I have ever owned, however when I was looking at other ones I noticed that they did not have the variety of sounds that this one did.
  • There is a soft glow night light which is located in the blue section of the sound machine, which gives off the perfect amount of light. I use this instead of an actual plug in nightlight which I find to be almost too bright. My daughter finds it comforting to have some sort on in her room while she sleeps so the built in factor of the nightlight is a wonderful bonus!


  • There are 3 projection cartridges included which can be conviently stored in the back of the unit when not in use. The 3 projection options are listed as: soothing sea, calming rainforest and sleepy sky. The projection can be rotated to any desired angle either on the wall or ceiling so that your little one can see the sweet images from anywhere in their room.
  • I love how compact the sound machine is and it comes with a decently long cord to plug into the wall. This is a bonus for me living in an older house where the outlets are located in funky places!


  • There is a timer option included which can be set for either continuous play or auto shut off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Personally I have never used the timer because my daughter sleeps best with continuous background noise however if your child is not overly dependent on noise or you don’t need the sound playing for a long period of time, the timer is a great option to have.
  • Another great feature is the optional voice activation mode which when activated responds to your child cries by playing sounds and/or displaying images from the projector to help soothe them back to sleep. I have not used this feature personally, but tested it out when I first purchased the machine and it does work which is another great option built in.



  • Truthfully I do not have many complaints about this product. As I stated before this has been a wonderful part of my daughter’s night time and sleep routine for that matter, however the one compaint that I do have is with the slide cartridges. I wish that the images themselves would rotate instead of just being able to rotate the position in which the images are projected. If you look at each slide and turn the slide in the cartidge you will see that there are multiple images for that one slide that in order to be seen have to manually be turned then inserted into the prjector spot. It is not a huge deal considering how wonderful the other features of the sound machine are, but there are so many cute images that go unseen due to this.

Overall I love this product! We have used it from when my daughter was only a few weeks old and it is still running strong. I like how compact this sound machine it is which makes it is easy to take with you when traveling, which we have done many times! I appreciate all of the options it comes with so that you can really customize it to what works best for your child. A sound machine is great because it can help soothe your child while drowning out background noises that may wake your child up and disrupt their sleep. I like that this product is easily accessible both online and in stores, and it is a reasonable price which is always a plus for me! I Hope you found this review helpful!!



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