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Medela Pump in Style Advanced Review

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Pump with to Go Bag

This pump comes with its own carrier and dual electric pumps. I got it because I could have everything in one place. The black bag is nice two. I bought it right after my first baby was born. I purchased it at Babies R Us for about $175.00 on sale and I believe I had a coupon too. It’s on sale on Amazon for $204.00 and Babies R Us for $269.99. So watch for sales.



*I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based solely on usage and information obtained on the internet*


Features/ Pros:

  • It has two electric pumps that can work together. It has a letdown button so you can pump faster.
  • It isn’t very loud. It didn’t wake up the whole house in the middle of the night although my cat wondered what it was 🙂2
  • It can be plugged in and also takes AA batteries for on the go. It’s discreet. I took this when I went back to work and no one really knew what it was.
  • The black bag is nice quality.



  • It comes with a refrigerated back for any breast milk you produce.
  • The kit itself comes with pretty much everything you need to get going. Storage bottles, shields, an ice pack.

Complaints/ Con’s:

  • The bag is huge. It was awkward to carry around only because of its size.
  • It’s expensive. Some breast pump models are not quite as costly


  • There are lots of parts to clean. I felt it took longer to clean everything then to pump.
  • Tubes seemed flimsy. I would barely move and they would fall off the machine. Not good.
  • I have friends that had this model and it didn’t last the whole year they intended to use it. The motor kept failing.

Final Thoughts:

I bought this model because it was the closest one I could get that resembled the one I used at the hospital. I felt it was comfortable for the time I used it. Because it worked for me I didn’t use any other pumps. I would recommend this to anyone that needs a pump but I would also see a lactation consultant because besides being wonderful they can also have you try ones out to get an idea of how they will fit and work.



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