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Kiley’s Korner Boutique

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brittany, the owner of Kiley’s Korner Boutique, and asked her some questions on the beautiful necklaces she makes. Her Etsy store offers unique necklaces for children and you can even purchase one for your child’s favorite doll!!



IMG_9547 (1)





— When did you start the shop?

I started my shop in 2014. Before I created my Etsy shop I started sewing dresses for my daughter. That lead to making hair bows and those were the first items in my shop at the beginning along with a few dresses. Then I did a few other things like baby bibs and hair bow holders. After that I started painting wall signs. When I added those to my shop, my sales began to pick up. A few months later I added bubblegum necklaces and my sales increased even more.


—I like how you said that you made pictures and put them in your living
room for your parents to buy! Where did the idea come from for the

That is a fond memory! I loved to do creative things and I loved to pretend I was setting up my own little store. 🙂

As I wrote in the previous question, I started out with other items. What lead me to bubblegum necklaces was my daughter. I love dressing up my daughter and I have really gotten into buying her the boutique frilly outfits and dresses and she loves it. I put way more effort into her wardrobe than mine! HA HA.  And the one little thing that was missing from these cute outfits was an accessory. So I started out with a few beads to make necklaces for her and then fell in love with creating necklaces and added them to my Etsy shop. They have been my best selling items and my shop is now mainly bubblegum necklaces and wall signs.


—What is your favorite item?

My favorite item so far is the pink chevron sparkle necklace. I list new necklaces nearly every day in my shop. I just got a huge shipment of new bead colors and I have so many ideas in store for new necklaces!


—Can people special order?

Yes, customers can customize their necklace however they would like as long as I stock the beads they are looking for. I am constantly adding new bead colors and prints to my stock so there are many options to choose from!


—Do you also make dresses to match the necklaces?

I don’t but I do make necklaces to match my daughter’s outfits and I have had some custom orders where the customer sent me a picture of a dress they needed a necklace for and I designed a necklace to match. I am planning on expanding my shop and adding hair bows, head bands and possibly even dresses since I have done those before. I also plan on adding Mommy and me matching necklaces and girl and doll matching necklaces that will fit 18 inch dolls.IMG_9131

— What are the beads made of?

The beads I use are 20mm Acrylic beads.


—How do you come up with a design?

I spread all of my beads out and begin pairing colors to see what works. Sometimes it also starts with colors from a dress or a pretty fabric. I do a lot of searching on Pinterest looking for unique color combinations that are new and haven’t been done. Sometimes it just starts from colors in a picture. Anything I see that the colors just pop out to me whether it be an outfit, pillow case, etc. I think, ‘those colors would look so good in a necklace!’

—Are you inspired by the latest fashion
or seasons?

Yes! Gold is very in right now and I love using it! And yes, seasons inspire me as well. Right now I am focusing on light pastel spring colors and vibrant, bright colors for summer. When we move to the fall months I will be adding lots of earth tone colors, browns and mustard yellows.

IMG_0526 (1)

— Do you plan on show cases other creations?

Yes, I plan on expanding my shop sometime in the near future by adding hair bows, headbands, dresses & more.



As you can see her necklaces are absolutely beautiful. With dolls being so popular nowadays it’s great that she gives you the option to accessorize your little girl and her doll. Don’t forget she also does custom orders!! So run over to her site. You can click on the site above to start shopping immediately!

Thanks for Reading!!




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