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Ameda Purely Yours Double Pump Review – TNM

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

If you are an expecting mother and haven’t checked with your insurance company, do so now! I never knew that breast pumps were being fully covered by my health care provider and was pleased to find out that we had different options. Call your health provider and see if you are eligible to receive a free pump. I picked the Ameda Purely Yours for reasons you will discover below.

Avg Price: $155.00



*I do not work for or promote for either one of these companies so all the information is based solely on usage and information obtained on the internet*



Features / Pro’s:

  • Battery operated.
  • Comes with AC power adapter.
  • Dual hygiene kit milk collection system.
  • Ameda uses a patented diaphragm to create a barrier, which protects the pump and tubing from contamination.
  • Multiple speed and suckling options as two seperate entities.
  • Easy to clean pump.
  • Equipped with bottle holders.




Complaint’s & Con’s:

  • Pump motor weak (my biggest complaint)
  • It’s loud when on the highest setting for suction.
  • Valves tend to go bad very easily.
  • Multiple mother’s complain that their unit stopped working within months of having it.
  • Pumping sessions take longer because of the weak motor.
  • Diaphragm tends to not fully expand when wet.
  • Milk leaks from under the flanges (one of my problems)
  • Not really a hands free system as some sites claim it to be
  • Breast shields tend to run in weird off sizes.




Final Thoughts:

I was excited to receive this breast pump being a full time nursing mother. I struggled with producing milk and wanted a sturdy machine that could stand up to my expectations. This, however, was not that machine. I deeply regret the day that I clicked this machine over the medela pump.

I thought I did enough homework on my pumps, but apparently I did not. My biggest complaint about this machine is that the motor power was WEAK! My milk production went down dramatically as soon as I started to use it. I wasn’t making enough to begin with and it was hard seeing it decline rapidly.

I went back to work and kicked this machine to the curb after I nearly dried out. If you want a sturdy machine with strength, see if madela is covered by your insurance company or you can rent the machine from your local hospital. Next pregnancy, I am doing just that! I wish I knew better, but this machine was a waste of my time.

Hope this review helped! Have a beautiful day loves!

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