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Do you love fantastic crochet pieces for your home? Who doesn’t. I got a fantastic opportunity to sit with one of thisnerdymom.com ‘s authors, Nikkie. Along with raising her daughter and posting to the site she also has an Etsy shop selling decor and other beautifully crocheted pieces.

title page
Tell us a little about yourself?

– I am a stay at home mom to my 17 month old daughter. I love being
creative in all aspects of my life whether it be in my home, the kitchen
or with crafts!

I see that you are writing some really tasty recipes on thisnerdymom.com.    Did you come up with the recipes yourself or are they
renditions of old family favorites?

– The recipes that I posted are two that I have come up with on my own. My
daughter is a picky eater, which I view as a challenge for me to be
creative in the kitchen and finds ways that I can make food more enjoyable
for her while making sure that she is eating healthy! I love to come up
with different recipes, which I plan on sharing more of on

I totally get it, I have picky eaters too so anything that you can find that is healthy and they will eat is WIN WIN.

You have a wonderful Etsy shop. Tell me about how and when you got
– Thank you! Crafting is definitely a hobby of mine that I am passionate
about, it brings me happiness, being able to create something so I decided
to open my Etsy shop in November of last year to be able to share some of
my creations in the hopes that other people will like them as well and to earn
a little side money.

Have you always been this crafty or did this start after becoming a stay
at home mom?

– Honestly, no. It really wasn’t until I became a stay at home mom, that I
craved having something I could do everyday just for me. As a stay at home
mom, my every moment is dedicated to my daughter, which I love and
wouldn’t have any other way, but I found it important for my well-being to have a
hobby I could look forward in doing each day for myself. Crafting was
definitely the outlet I needed!

I see some of the pieces are crochet. Do you do that yourself? And when
did you learn that art?

chevron blanket
– Yes, I am a self-taught crocheter. Growing up I admired my great
grandmother’s crocheting skills and always wanted to learn. So I decided
about a year ago that I was going to buy myself some hooks and yarn and go
for it! YouTube and Pinterest are great learning sources for anyone who is
interested and teaching themselves how to crochet or knit.

Do you have a favorite piece from your current collection?

– My favorite piece in my current collection would have to be my wreaths.
Crochet is definitely my first creative passion, but I love the look of a
beautifully handcrafted wreath on a front door. It adds such a homey,
elegant touch to any décor ! I have been having fun playing with different
wreath ideas.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

– I am a huge Joanna Gaines fan! I love that her sense of style is about
making pieces personal and simple. That is something I strive for when
creating anything. I love simplicity. Also, with my crochet especially I
love being able to turn a craft that has always been viewed as an
“grandma’s hobby” into something modern and functional.

Do you do custom orders?

– Yes, I always welcome custom orders! Just about everything in my shop as
the option to be personalized, or if someone is interested in purchasing
something and don’t see the option for personalization and always welcome
messages with custom requests!

Do you have ideas or items that you are working on that are not listed?

– I have a whole bunch of things I am working on to add to my shop! Some
include some more wreaths, as well as modern throw blankets (adult and
baby) and I am playing with some awesome crochet jewelry pieces. All of
which I hope to list within the next month to my shop!

Listen everyone, you seriously need to go look at the beautiful items she has listed. In addition to her shop and her busy life as a mama, Nikki also has an instablog that she updates regularly. It consists of more yummy recipes, current projects that she is working on and lots of mommy/toddler related topics. Check her out on instagram @naptimewithnikkie.

Thanks for reading!





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