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The Joys of Eating With Children

breakfast-848313_1920Why is it that since becoming a mom it seems that I can never eat my food in peace as long as my children are around? I love to eat and having to share my food or being looked at intensely as I eat is not something that I was expecting when I became a mom.

Being interrupted while eating or just before occurred the very first day that I became a mom. Of course, I wasn’t phased by it at first because I was so preoccupied with adjusting to being a mom, breastfeeding and making my newborn happy. However, I began to notice that whenever I was about to eat, my child would give me the signal with their mouth that they wanted to eat. Or they would wake up from a nap as soon as I picked up my fork. As a new mom, I didn’t feel comfortable or that it was appropriate to eat over my child as they were being fed. I was paranoid that as I was eating, food would continuously fall into their face.

As my child became older and was more on a schedule with their eating I began to plan for us to eat at the same time. This helped me to have peace while eating for a little while, but it didn’t last long. Things changed again when my child not only wanted to eat with me, but they wanted to eat what was on my plate. Not only could I not enjoy my food now, but I had to share?! It went from my child pointing at my food to now actually asking if they can have some. Now sharing my food with my children is expected, so it doesn’t bother as much as it did in the beginning. However, there are still times when I really want to have something all to myself only for my child to come along, ask for some and then spit it out. Really?? I could have eaten that!

With my second child, the same scenarios played out. With more than one child I am still interrupted more now than ever. Having to settle arguments or chase after my two-year-old that seems to get into everything nowadays. But as a seasoned mom, I have learned a few tricks to get back to eating and enjoying my food (most of the time).

  1. Eat with baby – Whether breastfed or bottle-fed, do not be paranoid like I was. You can eat while your baby is eating. I did not eat anything that was too hot while feeding my baby, but I did eat. I would just position myself or my baby in a way that food would not drop on them.
  2. Make more/ put more on your plate – This way if my child really likes what I am eating I will still have enough for myself.
  3. Load up your plate with healthy foods – I could put the same exact thing on my child’s plate that is on mine and sometimes they will not eat it. But, when they see it on my plate they will try it. That is why I like to load up my plate with veggies in an effort to get my child to eat more of them.
  4. Plan to eat at the same time – This helps a lot because my child can eat what is on their plate and I can eat what is on mine.
  5. Save your food for nap time/bedtime/playtime – If it is a food that I just do not want to share, then I most likely will just wait for when my children are asleep or occupied with their toys.
  6. Simply say no – I really do not like to say no, but sometimes they just do not need to eat anymore. For instance, when their bellies are poking out from being full and you know that they just want to eat because you are eating.snickers mom

As a mom, there are many things in your life that will change that you were not expecting. Having to share my food or being interrupted while eating was definitely one for me. However, as with anything in life you have to learn how you are going to deal with it and make the most of it. That is why I had to learn how I could have my cake and eat it too. Literally 🙂

Does your child seem to always ask for your food? How do you handle it?

Written by: Lori


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