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Etsy Interview: Hey Baby Boutique

Are you looking for unique baby bibs or burp cloths. How about something for that expecting Star Wars fan. Look no more. You have to check out the Etsy store HeyBabyBoutique.
I got the chance to chat with owner Karyn about her collection of items and the history of her store. And guess what right now if you order using code NERDYMAMA16  you get FREE SHIPPING!! Who doesn’t love that.
1. When did you start making baby items? Your site said you were making
Halloween costumes when your site was born. Do you still make Halloween
items also?
I started making baby items “officially” in 2009 after my first niece was born but it was mostly for family and friends, and dress up items like Halloween costumes. It became a full-fledged operation in 2011. I still do Halloween costumes as custom orders, when time permits. I still work a full-time job and Hey Baby Boutique has easily become a 40 hour a week job as well.
2. You mention on your site that you were involved in paper crafts. Was
that an etsy store and do you still run it?
When I first started crafting and making things it started out as scrap booking and card making primarily and I was only doing small local fairs in churches, firehalls and schools. I made banners, pre-made scrapbook layouts, cards, and stocking stuffer type gifts like check book covers and chapstick holder. It never became an etsy store because at the time I was awful at taking photos, and wasn’t very serious about what I was doing as anything more than just a hobby because it was fun. I still make custom birthday banners for customers upon request because I find them fun and I love picking out cute papers. It is still a design project to me, and its a nice break from textiles.
3. What is your best seller?
My best seller is a tie between my onesies/tees and my pacifier clips. Typically my oneises/tees that are Pittsburgh oriented have done the best in the past, but my newer designs with cute and funny sayings are quickly catching up. Also My newest item, silicone pacifier clips that were just introduced only a year ago have taken off. They are made with BPA and Phthalate free  food grade silicone, and pull double duty as a teething toy and pacifier clip. 
4. What is your favorite item?
It’s hard to choose just one!! I get so excited every time I create something new, but I’d have to say my most favorite item is the pacifier clips because they are such bright colors, and they are easy to keep clean! No mom wants germs hanging around.
5. Have you created an item that is not on the site yet?
I have a lot of items that only travel with me to events! I’m always making custom orders, or filling special requests. One item that’s not on my Etsy site that I make a lot of is hair bows and head bands. They are so individualized that I tend not to list them. I also do limited runs of mom/dad shirts and onesies if I find a really cool printed tee, or something a little more fancy than normal. I also make teething necklaces, bibs with teething corners and taggie blankets, as well as hair bows to match the outfits I make.
6. What are the bibs made from? What kind of fabric/material?
My bib fronts are made from 100% cotton, either a regular cotton or a flannel, and the backing is a super soft “secret” fabric, but its like touching clouds!
7. I love the matching bibs and burp cloths. Where do you get your design
inspiration from?
I typically roam the aisles of my local fabric store and pick out things I love that aren’t too “babyish” I love fun and funky modern designs, and I love to pick things that no one else might think to grab for a baby item. Occasionally, I’ll take friend with me and tell them to pick 4 girl prints, 4 boy prints, and 4 gender neutral prints, because I love seeing what others pick out and what they love or think looks nice. Usually they are always on trend with my likes too, but my friends are mostly makers too, so that helps!
8. I see some awesome star wars and Dr who stuff. Do you sell other sci fi
baby items?
I do sell other Sci Fi items, one in particular is the “daddy’s little Jedi” shirt up on my etsy site. Others I typically do as custom orders from either etsy or via email. The bibs and burp cloths tend to sell out at events. I have done Dr who, Star Wars, Walking Dead, and Harry Potter so far.
9. Do you make the baby balm and candles? If so what are they made from?
I have a collaboration with two different maker friends who make the candles and baby balm for me so they are private label. I was able to sit with both of them and explain exactly what I wanted and they were able to make it happen with a quality that I would approve of!
The candles are hand poured soy wax, in aromatherapy blends: Lavender Baby Powder, Jasmine Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit and Eucalyptus Mint.
The 3 B’s Baby Balm is unscented and contains Raw Shea Butter, Calendula infused Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax. Organic Aloe Vera and Arrowroot Powder. These ingredients make it 100% natural and cloth diaper safe.
10. Do you offer custom orders?
I LOVE custom orders! It’s so fun working with customers to create the perfect gifts for their little ones and loved ones.
You guys really need to check out her site. These baby items are so beautiful and your little loved one will be have something that is incredibly unique. Again check out her Etsy site HeyBabyBoutique.
You can follow her store here:
Thanks for reading!

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