Zobo Lightweight Stroller Review

I have a confession, I may or may not be a stroller collector/hoarder, what have you. I have one child and four strollers. However the stroller that I reach for the most especially during the warmer months when we are doing more outdoor activities is my  lightweight or “umbrella” stroller as some may know them as. I reach for this kind of stroller more then my others simply because these strollers are more geared to be compact, user friendly. I am loving my Zobo lightweight stroller, I purchased mine at Babies R’ Us on sale for 69.99 a couple months ago. However I noticed that the specific color combo I have is no longer available but I checked online and it is still available in a variety of color combinations for $99.99.


*I do not work for or promote either one of these companies so all of the information is based solely on usage and information on the internet *



  • Although this is a compact stroller it does not skimp on safety or comfort. The multi position seat has a reclining option as well as has a safe five point harness.
  • Another key feature is the over sized canopy with extended visor which keeps your child protected from the elements. Previous lightweight/umbrella strollers we have owned did not have such a large canopy which proved frustrating to my daughter since she would always have the sun in her eyes or not be properly covered from the rain, etc.


  • This stroller has nice storage for a compact stroller. There is a mesh storage compartment on the bottom of the stroller to store your child’s belongings such as toys, blankets, diapers, etc. There is also a mesh cup holder on the side perfect for your child to easily access their sippy cups on the go.
  • The weight max goes up to 45 lbs which is a definite plus because your child will not outgrow this stroller quickly!


  • The handles to push the stroller are t just the right height, which is super important for my husband especially who is over 6 feet. We are both able to push our daughter comfortably without or backs hurting.
  • I love how easy and truly one handed it is to both set up and fold. Which for any mama who is constantly holding their child while trying to multitask this is a lifesaver!



  • Although the five point harness is an awesome and necessary safety feature to have, I find the straps themselves to be difficult to adjust. Not a big deal, but I notice that only after having the stroller for a couple of months the straps are now a little bit easier to adjust from normal wear and tear.
  • I also find the back portion of the seat to be on the short side. My daughter is no where near the weight max on the stroller and find that since she is tall she wont have much longer that she can rest her head on the back of the seat.Zobo5
  • Since this is a lightweight stroller, keep in mind when your child is not in the stroller and you are pushing it empty if you have bags on the handles it will tip backwards. Again not a big deal because the stroller is empty but I seem to have mom brain and seem to forget this constantly since my daughter has gained her independence and prefers to walk and explore places on her own!

Overall I love the ease and convenience of this stroller. We use it constantly when at outings or running errands. I even use it for going on walks when I am too lazy to take out my jogging stroller and it works great. The price I find reasonable for the quality product you get and would recommend this for anyone looking for a good lightweight stroller.


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