Etsy Shop Interview: Quiet Book Toys


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Needing something different to take on a long road trip for the kiddos? Check out Quiet Book Toys.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Maria, owner of Quiet Book Toys over on Etsy. She makes awesome quiet books for your little ones. We discussed what goes in to making her absolutely adorable quiet books. These are super cute so please take a look.

1. Where did you get the idea to make busy books?

My son is my best inspiration. When I was pregnant, all I could 
hear was that all babies cry all the time, they are loud, and, 
well, normal life stops:) What a shock I got when my boy was 
born quiet and relaxed! That’s how it began, I wanted
to make something special for my son to reward him for such nice 
behavior. There is also word ‘quiet’ in my surname 
(it’s Russian, Tikhomirova), so Quiet Books seemed like a great idea. 
I looked at some pictures on Pinterest, and 
wanted to make my own busy books with unique style.

2. Do you have a favorite that you have made so far?

Every new quiet book I make is my favourite! So far I am in love with 
my geometric book. It turned out quite trendy, I think. I love shapes 
and colors, as well as nice fabrics in the book.
geometric book
3. Where do you get your inspiration?

I have recently moved to St. Petersburg, the city of my dreams, 
so now I get my inspiration from this magnificent place! I get 
lots of ideas after exhibitions. We had Frida Khalo’s paintings in 
spring, that was very moving. 
4. What are some of the materials you use in your books?

I try to use child-friendly materials, I don’t buy the cheapest, 
but high quality ones, it’s important when you deal with kids toys. 
I like American and Japanese cotton, the colors don’t change after 
wash, Korean felt is quite good. My favorite and the most eco-friendly 
material is Belarussian linen, I use it a lot!
I don’t use magnets in my quiet books, I know how dangerous they 
are if swallowed. Wooden elements are also great! A child can nibble 
on it, if he/she is teething, and when they grow up, then can color 
on wood with paints, it’s fun!
5. Do you offer custom orders?

Sure! I love making something very special and unique! I 
learn a lot of new things myself when I get custom orders, 
it’s great.
6. How long does it take the books to be made?

It used to take two weeks, now I’m more experienced, and I can
make a book during a week. It goes without saying, that it
depends a lot on my son. He is good most of the time, he can 
easily entertain himself, but there are days, when all of the
above mentioned predictions come true!
7. Do you have anything that you are working on that is not listed?
Another product?

I am now getting ready to participate in a handmade market in a
book fest BooKids in Minsk, Belarus, and I am working on new
items. I am designing mini-quiet books, two-page books on one
educational topic, for example, Shapes, or ABC; book holders,
and mini stuffed toys. 
8. On average how many pages is each book?

rocking horse
I came to understanding that eight pages are just perfect. Sometimes 
I make 10-page books. 
9. How else can we follow you? Do you have a Twitter handle or Facebook
store page?

I have Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/groups/1474925439461539

10. How long has your shop been open?
I opened my Etsy shop in April, and I have been making my books for
two years.

These books look like they will delight any child. So go over to etsy
by clicking here and check out her site.
Thanks for reading!


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