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Budget Friendly Indoor Toddler Activities (with Pom Poms)

For today’s post I wanted to share two budget friendly indoor activities for toddlers that are perfect for those rainy days or any time really! All the supplies I picked up at my local dollar tree as well as using things that I already had on hand to keep costs minimal.

Both activities include one of my daughters absolute favorite items ever…wait for it…POM POMS. Yep, I said it Pom Poms. I don’t know what it is about this little puff balls that has my daughter beyond intrigued. But I decided to go with it and come up with some fun ways she can play with them.

The first activity is pretty simple, it is just a scoop and transfer motor sensory activity with the pom poms.

20160427_150341 (2)

For this activity you will need:

  • package of pom poms in desired size and quantity ( sold at the dollar tree or any craft store)
  • a scoop ( my daughter is using an old formula scoop I kept for future activities such as this! But a ladle, measuring cup or anything like that will work just fine. Again I urge you to be creative and use what you have on hand!)
  • something to transfer the pom poms into ( an egg carton, a small box, a bowl, anything! – I particularly like using the egg carton because it really helps my daughter with her fine motor skills )

The total cost of this project was just the cost of the pom poms which cost $1.00! My daughter loves when I give her with a container filled with pom poms, a scoop and something to scoop it in. The texture and bright colors of the pom poms always catches her attention and keeps her entertained while mama washes the dishes or cooks!

The second activity I like because it is more one on one and an excellent introduction into more educational toddler play.

20160505_140744 (2)

For this activity you will need:

  • Pom Poms
  • Color Flash Cards ( The Dollar Tree has some awesome playschool brand flash cards, as well as a variety of other flash cards with different characters in all different subjects)

For this activity I lay out one flash card for each color then I gather the coordinating pom poms and match the pom pom to the color on the flash card. I usually demonstrate this first and narrate what I am doing then I let my daughter try and kind of guide her through as we go.

It is amazing how the first couple of times I did this with my daughter, she went from having no interest in coordinating flash cards and just wanted to play with the pom poms to actually now at 18 months, picking up slowly on matching the pom pom to the flash cards. She still of course loves to play with the pom poms and throw them, but that is part of the fun! She gets to have fun while having some fun interactive and educational time!

I love the set I have for my daughter because they are pretty basic flash cards that are actually geared towards learning first words but have all the colors so they are objects she is familiar with which makes it more engaging for her.

The total of this project cost just $2.00!

As a stay at mom on a budget, I am always looking for activities that are fun and educational for my daughter that won’t break the bank and with a little creativity and using what you have on hand that is definitely possible!!


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