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Fade Away Sleep Sounds -Review

Fade Away Sleep Sounds – Review


*I do not work for this company – all information is based soley on usage and information obtained on the internet*

When pregnant with Aiden, my mom insisted that I get a machine that played sounds for him to help him sleep better at night. “I would have you in your bassinet on top of a dryer while it was going to get you to fall asleep.” Being a first time mom, everyone always had “helpful” advice. I had to sift through all the information and see what would benefit my new little human and I.

We were gifted a stuffed giraffe (baby shower) that played sounds for Aiden to fall asleep to. While it was cute, I found out – the hard way – that the knob clicked to loudly when I wanted to turn it off and Aiden would wake up. So the giraffe ended up watching Aiden sleep for the rest of it’s lonely days. Thank goodness we had installed a ceiling fan to keep the room cool for Aiden because the light humming from the blades spinning seemed to relax him and let him sleep for longer periods. Who would of thought?!


I was approached to do a review on some baby sleep sounds by Fade Away Sleep Sounds. I toured the website and soon found that not only do they have sleep sounds for babies but for adults too! Instant win for the overly exhausted mother in desperate need of some relaxation time or a good night of sleep. I typically hide in the bathroom from the children any way, just to get my mind together – why not run a bubble bath, light some candles, and put on “Thunder Storm Sounds” or “Ocean Roar”. Oh god – how great does that sound!?

I was excited to use the sounds from the website because that meant no more loud clicking knobs -sorry Mr. Giraffe – to wake up Jaxton this time. I could download the sound straight to my phone and if I wanted to play it on another device, I could always share it via blue tooth. I have a small blue tooth speaker in the boys room that I stream music to from my phone, so it was perfect.

Plus the new tenants below me have a baby who is a bit younger than Jaxton and she tends to cry and wake him up quite often during the night. I was hoping the sound would cover the cries up a bit. I get it – babies cry. But I am in desperate need of some shut eye over here. I will try anything at this point! Most of my nights rest is in a rocking chair these days.

I went over to the site and downloaded a sound for Jaxton and Aiden. What I really enjoyed about Fade Away Sleep Sounds is that they don’t use the generic heart beat , nature, or swooshing sound that come with the basic baby sleep machines. They use a wide range of common things that can be found in your home like “Electric Fan Sounds” or “Clothes Dryer Sounds” (my favorite). Babies are not the same and will take differently to sounds. I’m just happy to have a choice of sounds to choose from. They run for about an hour (sometimes over) and fade slowly at the end to keep baby asleep and relaxed.

Four little feet on me while we relax and get ready for bed.

I used the “Clothes Dryer Sounds” with Jax and Aiden last night and they were calm while it was playing. When it started to fade at the end, Jax’s eyes started closing and so did mine! I was rocking him in the chair and I guess we both became relaxed. The motion plus the noise allowed him to doze off.

I looked over at Aiden who had fallen asleep already, sometime before us. Ah, it was my turn. I jumped into my own bed and closed my eyes. Next thing I know, it was morning and I was happy without my first cup of coffee…what?

I truly enjoyed the time spent with my children; relaxing to the sound we chose. I welcome the thought of getting to do it again with them. There’s nothing like going through a hectic day and coming home to just hold your children before bed with soothing sounds playing in the background.

After testing the sound we chose, here is my opinion on Fade Away Sleep Sounds:


• Multiple sounds for babies
• Multiple sounds for adults
• Downloadable – I love this the most! You can take the sounds anywhere you go. Vacation, a trip to your families house, in the car, ANYWHERE
• You can play it on another device if you stream it using blue tooth enabled devices. We have the mama roo. Although he doesn’t fit anymore, it would have been great to use some sounds with it. Also stream it to an alarm clock or a small speaker and place inside the nursery or by your bedside.
• Fairly priced
• Mommy / daddy time – because what parent says no to relaxing or getting a good night of sleep?


I really don’t have any con’s. To me, it does exactly what it is supposed to. Relax and/ or put you to sleep comfortably.
After reviewing the product, I would recommend it. I can tell you one thing, I’m definitely trying out my bubble bath idea!

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Fade Away Sleep Sounds Website


Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!



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