A Cotton Collection an Interview

cotton colletion

You know when you’re looking for a special baby gift and just cant find the right one. Well let me tell you about A Cotton Collection on Etsy. This company sells unique onsies that any new mom would love to have. I got to sit with her and ask her about herself and the items she sells in her store.

1. How long have you been working on your Etsy store A Cotton Collection?

– A Cotton Collection was launched in January 2016 after numerous requests for custom orders. I had been kicking around the idea for about a month and finally decided to go live!
be brave
2. Tell us about yourself.
– My name is Emily Cotton. I am a 20-something year old from a small town in Western Kentucky. I work as a full time physical therapist assistant and own and operate ACC on the side! I was married in October 2015 to my high school sweetheart and we have a 8 month old Australian shepherd, Ellie.
3.  What brought you to the idea of making these adorable onesies?
– I started playing around with different vinyl crafts as I was preparing for my wedding. Everything from signs, to shirts, to home decor. And I fell in love! As I started doing some research I realized this would be something I could see myself really enjoying- so I dove in head first and haven’t looked back!

4. Do you offer custom orders?

-Absolutely! We love to do custom orders!
custom order
5. Can you tell us how what materials you use?
-All onesies are Gerber brand and are 100% Cotton. All designs are heat transfer vinyl.
6. Is there a product you would like to feature?
– I’m not picky! Our “one” onesie and our bear twin onesies are probably our most popular but any will work for me!

7. Do you plan on presenting new items?

– We are constantly adding new items to the shop and would love to hear any ideas or suggestions!
8. What is your favorite onsie to date?
– That’s a tough one! Our “one” onesie is probably my favorite because it is such a simple design yet is very elegant. This onesie is adorable for a first birthday party or for Birthday pictures!
9. Other than etsy how else can we follow you?
– We are on Facebook and Instagram!
10. After an order is placed how long does it take to make the onesies and have them shipped?
– All onesies are made to order. Orders are processed in the order they are received and are processed as soon as possible. They will take no longer than two weeks.
Who wouldn’t love to get one of these as a gift? So hop on over to Etsy. Her store is called A Cotton Collection.  She has lots of designs on the site and does custom ordering!!! And you will get your item in about 2 weeks!! Not bad. 
Thanks for reading!!

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