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Top 3 Stylish, Affordable Maternity Outfits

During pregnancy, one task that may be happy for some and not so much for others is shopping for maternity clothes. Some women love how their body changes in order to support their growing baby while others may not. I was one of those women who were not.

During my first pregnancy, I thought that nothing fit right on me. I can even remember getting a little teary eyed in the fitting room after trying on a countless number of outfits. However, by the end of my pregnancy, I had found some pretty awesome outfits that I still happily wore a bit after giving birth.

Therefore, I would like to share my 3 tops picks for trendy, affordable maternity outfits. I believe that any pregnant mama can wear these selections and feel amazing at any stage of their pregnancy.

old navy dress


  1. This dress can be found at Old Navy. It retails for $29.00. You can’t go wrong with Maxi dresses during pregnancy. They are easy to put on and come in many beautiful prints.

2. This short-sleeve maternity blouse is great because it is lightweight and has a pretty, decorative trim. This blouse can be found at Motherhood Maternity for $34.98. It also comes in a Bird Print that is just as fabulous!

3. This sleeveless, scoop neck tunic comes in two prints: White/Heather Grey (left) and Pale/Mauve (right). I love the knot on the front that accentuates the belly bump. It can be purchased at A Pea in the Pod for $29.99. This tunic would look great with your favorite maternity pants!

Written by: Lori



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